What She Pinnin’?

I’ve been out with a cold this week, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to get back on your feet and things to do while you’re on the mend!


Sick Day

1. My girlfriend suggested I start watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix and I can’t tear myself away! 2. I’ve gotta try this yummy, healthy tea recipe to beat this wretched cold. 3. This free time has an up (or down) side to it: now I can give my surroundings a deep clean and attempt to keep everything organized. 4. Speaking of cleaning, I’ve made a clean sweep of my beauty closet. I’m ready to stock up on some favorites like Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray.

Have any go-to cold remedies?

<3, PJA


What She Pinnin’?

What She Pinnin
Welcome to another segment where I show you my top pins for the week! And the pinobsession gets deeper….

1. I have WAAAAAY too many good DIY’s to try like this embroidered picture courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. 2. I’m a new fan of this Finnish label Samuji. This skirt is swoon worthy, but really, so is their entire website. So simple, whimsical, and colorful. 3. This is probably the best banana bread recipe I have ever tried. I made this twice now and me and the mister almost ate the whole pan! 4. This bright neon yellow is probably one of my favorite nail colors. A huge contrast from my usual pastel tips, but such a fun and easy way to make your day a little brighter.

<3, PJA

Spoil Yourself Saturday

Sometimes, a girl needs to stay inside, pour herself a bubble bath, do her nails, and wear girly pj’s.

Tonight I’m throwing a Lush bath bomb in the tub and painting Butter London on my fingers and toes. I’ve been working hard, so tonight is all about me!

Girls Night In
Are you doing anything to take care of you tonight?
<3, PJA

Fluffy Hair Days.

Today, I washed my hair. Usually, when I scrub-it-up, it’s guaranteed I’m going to have what I have dubbed a fluffy hair day. This entails that while my hair is soft and smells like eucalyptus, it’s pretty much not going to do what I want it to.

You’d think this would lead me to conclude that if my hair isn’t going right, nothing that this day will bring will. You couldn’t be more wrong, my pessimistic friends! Days like this call for two things: a cute beanie and a bright lip! Need to cover for a fluffy hair day? Here’s an adorable beanie/lip pairings guide I made especially for you using my favorite matte lipsticks from NYX!

From the top of my head...


Today, I wore my panda beanie I picked up last year at Target and NYX’s matte lipstick in Shocking Pink. Quite similar to this pug hat in my chart! I love the cupcake beanies from Neff. I’m crazy about mint this season. Try it with a light pink shade like Hippie Chic. I paired this bejeweled beanie with Alabama, a deep brick red color. Perfect for the holidays! This neon pink beanie from Banana Republic would look great with Pure Red, a classic bright red shade.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily has some great tips for prepping your lips and making your lipstick last longer. Read this before puckering up!

<3, PJA