Summer Coven

August 3, 2016

PJA-Convent-1149This vampy look got me feeling like a bad girl escaping catholic school to cast spells and find trouble. PJA-Convent-1151PJA-Convent-1156PJA-Convent-1165PJA-Convent-1172How Edward Scissor Hands are these shrubs? I see these all over town. Love the whimsy!PJA-Convent-1182PJA-Convent-1189PJA-Convent-1199PJA-Convent-1210Blue hair? Don’t care. My blue highlights are my favorite new accessory. PJA-Convent-1216PJA-Convent-1230PJA-Convent-1266PJA-Convent-1267Can you believe over 80% of my look was thrifted? Freaky deaky.

<3 PJA

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