Make Time.

July 18, 2014

If you have a few moments, enjoy these lovely things I found on the internet:


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Did you know one of my favorite, funny gals Amy Sedaris is a bunny expert? She shared her bunny wisdom with If you’re looking to adopt a waskely wabbit, definitely start here.


Image courtesy of G Kero.

My friend Vanessa posted this Bowie print shirt and all I can say is, “That’s one freaky space suit”. Don’t freak out in the moon-age day dream! You can get yours here.


Image courtesy of A Keeper…

I just LOVE the idea of a community library. Too bad when don’t have one in the city! If you live in the Hollywood area and you’re looking for a good read, this blog tells you how to get to this literary treasure.

<3, PJA

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